Valuable Free Computer Audio Orientation Documents

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Newcomers may find computer audio (CA) daunting.  Take heart -- it’s not so difficult, just unfamiliar.  A helpful orientation will tame concepts and clarify jargon.  Perhaps even if you’re not a beginner, the two documents mentioned below will help you maximize listening pleasure while keeping costs under control.

Some of the best intro material is free.  Two items I recommend are PDF downloads from Audioquest, the highly regarded manufacturer of the well-reviewed Dragonfly USB DAC (Universal Serial Bus Digital-To- Analog Converter.)  This major audio industry player provides a large selection of popular, high quality audio interconnects, cables, and accessories.  I recommend their documents to deepen understanding of this potentially confusing subject and to fortify digital audio system planning.

Audioquest offers a free white paper to the general public which surveys the CA scene from a high-level perspective. Also a setup guide.  This is neither marketing fluff nor technical engineering discourse.  There's a real white paper here, full of meaty, essential, and easily understandable information. These documents run true to their titles:

            Computer Audio Demystified

            Computer Audio Setup Guide

I learned a lot from reading these.  They have earned inclusion in my of CA reference library.  Once you grasp what’s in them, CA will not befuddle you and you’ll know generally how to set up a system of your own.  These documents may be all it takes to launch you into a new universe of musical pleasure and enjoyment. Some additional informational gems remain to be discovered when you visit the Audioquest website.

You can create a CA setup that delivers fully on the exciting promises of computer audio -- true audiophile performance at very affordable cost with a surprisingly manageable simplicity.  Why settle for mid-fi when you can select an audiophile system for about the same money once you get oriented?

Please enjoy these information resources and leave a comment to let us know what you think.