Acoustic Conditioning Special Price with Audioengine System

Esplanade Theatre, Singapore.  Built for great sound.

Acoustic engineers show us music was not meant to be played in small, closed spaces with hard, parallel walls and rectangular corners.  This is why concert halls have such fantastic shapes.  The room where you hear music needs treatment to correct acoustic faults and restore the sound of the original performance.  Room treatment is the crowning glory of any audio system setup because it makes it possible to hear all your system can do.  Without effective room treatment, you can't experience the best music your stereo can achieve no matter how "high end audio" your system may be.

I thoroughly researched and lab-tested Acoustic System before I took it on as an iHi-Fi product.  It's more affordable and easier to install than most music lovers realize.  The “audio lab look” of big corner baffles and wall traps is gone.  No more pillows all over the room.  All you have to do is (per instructions) stick some small components on the wall with Blu-tack removable adhesive and set a few small components on the floor. Then you get to fiddle and customize the sound.

Until you install effective treatment in your listening space, you can’t possibly hear what composers and musicians intended.  Once you listen in a conditioned room, you’ll never again be satisfied with music playback without acoustic correction.  Then you can stop upgrading audio components in futile pursuit of results that only acoustic correction can produce.  You can grow your acoustic treatment gradually over time.  It will never become obsolete.  Since it's future-proof, you'll be able to use it with any and all music in your space for a lifetime and pass it on to your heirs.

Effective acoustic room treatment is the perfect match for digital audio systems because it corrects digital faults and makes every part of playback sound better.  This is why you can see Acoustic System components in most booths at major audio industry trade shows where pressure is on for their products to sound their best.  
 Acoustic System has these effects --

    •    Smooths out digital artifacts
    •    Quiets the background
    •    Warms and sweetens the sound
    •    Kills room echoes
    •    Reduces sonic chaos and overload
    •    Restores natural instrument timbres
    •    Makes sonic details stand out
    •    Extends treble and bass ranges
    •    Speeds up and tightens up bass (attack/decay)
    •    Opens up soundstage and improves imaging
    •    Enables adjustment of sound qualities to match a space and preferences


You receive a very special value when you get any Audioengine digital audio system at iHi-Fi.  A “digital audio system” is defined as a combination of at least one Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) plus at least one set of speakers or a powered subwoofer.  And yes, the little A2+ qualifies all by itself because a DAC is built in.
Room treatment items purchased with any Audioengine system selection will be available for 25% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  That’s no misprint – one-fourth off the room treatment items in your order.

Acoustic System from iHi-Fi enhances musical fidelity without risk.  I believe you’ll be astounded to discover what you have been missing.  However, if you should decide to return your purchase within the 30 day audition, no problem, satisfaction is guaranteed.  Just call for a return authorization first, then send the Acoustic System components back in new condition and your full purchase price is immediately refunded.  No need to send back any electronic components.

 Please request the current Acoustic System price list by email HERE.  They don’t allow it to be posted online.  But I can say this -- for the cost equivalent of only one audio component you get enough acoustic treatment to make a noticeable improvement.  Hearing is believing.  You can take more steps after you hear the effects with your own ears.

Select the suggested Acoustic System room treatment steps for your listening space HERE.  I recommend at minimum Step 1 & Step 2 together.  Adding the Phase Corrector will multiply the benefits.

Select your Audioengine components to configure your system from the following menu or from the Audioengine product catalog.

iHi-Fi is an authorized dealer for Audioengine and Acoustic System.  We add extra value to become your supplier. Remember -- when you buy audio products at you always get --

    1.    The standard Warranty
    2.    No sales tax
    3.    Free shipping in the lower 48 States
    4.    A 30-day audition at your place
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Audioengine Components

Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs)

Wired DACS

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Wireless DACs

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    •    24-bit D2

Audioengine Speakers

Powered Speakers

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    •    A5+

Passive Speakers

    •    P4

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